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Dave (07 Jun,2011)
Yeah, I read "Una Carta a Dios" in Spanish this year, and I totally knew it was gonna be the same ending after the first couple paragraphs. I like the
well (22 Apr,2011)
This is remarkably similar to a spanish short story called \"Una Carta a Dios\" or \"A Letter to God.\" Only instead of a widow it\'s a farmer whose
Partha (21 Jan,2011)
A nice one...
Sudarshan (21 Jan,2011)
A goooood oneeeeeee.
michele (25 Feb,10)
Well, jeez. That made me rather sad, actually. It's like...a, an anti-joke. Or something.
matt (06 Jan,10)
although i did find this humorous, it is just a re-telling of an old tale of either Mexican or Spanish descent
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