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Limbless Fighter

11-year-old Dayton Webber limbs were amputated when he was 11 months old
because of a life-threatening bacterial infection, but that did not stop him from
performing in wrestling matches and riding his skateboard.

But for him, the absence of limbs didnít mean he couldnít live a normal life.
Armed with ambition and will to succeed, Dayton took on sports and other activities which even perfectly healthy people canít do. He's a known presence on the area's youth wrestling circuit.

Both Daytonís parents say they never pushed him to do anything,
it was always his initiative to try new things. These days he competes for the
The Rampage Wrestling Team, in Waldorf, rides a skateboard, ice-skates,
drives go-karts and even plays video-games like Madden NFL.

Other boys are surprised when they first meet him, especially in wrestling matches,
but they soon find out heís a worthy opponent. What Dayton can't do physically
he compensates in willpower. When asked what happened to his hands and feet,
he simply answers ďitís no big dealĒ.

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