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Why Parents Are Always STRESSED!

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Santa (06 Jan,2011)
the last one is very funny, i like it...
mary (31 Aug,10)
lmao the girl licking the pig must really like her bacon .. and yeah that skateboarding one would be awesome
anonymous (24 Aug,10)
joe i think that's called Shoopville
leslie (22 Aug,10)
@joe : the skateboard one is a painting...
Steve (28 Jun,10)
@Joe - it's almost certainly New Zealand. The Brits planned the road layouts during colonial times without ever visiting the place. Hence big hills!
Steve (28 Jun,10)
Ah come on now. Half of those are just kids having harmless fun. Parents who are stressed about those should worry less.
joe (29 Dec,09)
That skateboard one looks like it would be fun. Wonder where that is.
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