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The Boy & The Apple Tree

This one really touched my Heart....
Hope u will feel the same....
It's really nice one .................

Everybody has an apple tree in his life.

And its your Parents !!!

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Max (06 Jan,2011)
Aww man that\\\'s just so cool I just went and hugged my parents.
BN (17 Dec,10)
Really? This is just "The Giving Tree" written by Shel Silverstein. While this is an interesting remake, I personally prefer the original
RowanWatson (13 Dec,10)
ah, the giving tree.... one of my favorite childhood memories. need to get several copies, so many of my friends are having babies!
Alain (02 Dec,10)
This is a perfect example of a one-sided relationship and how people will abuse others for selfish desire. It's terrible.
swati (27 Nov,10)
the giving tree by shel silverstein
Hassan (12 Sep,10)
Truly awesome.....
Jake (01 Aug,10)
Chinese Shel Silverstien?
wardy (29 Jul,10)
omg this is amazing. I cried! :(
fuzypaws (04 Jul,10)
People who gave it fail were probably doing so because its a strange rip off of the giving tree
Peter (13 Jan,10)
It's from the book, The Giving Tree. Absolutely wonderful.
Poindexter (12 Jan,10)
It made me cry too. I just found myself bawling. Prolly because I'm a friggin tarded pussy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Much like you people.
Also (11 Jan,10)
That made me cry too. I guess I'm just a sap.
xfactor (05 Jan,10)
everyone who voted fail on that story needs to go hug their parents and ask for their forgiveness.
fdd (17 Dec,09)
Dude, that was so good! It made me cry!
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